Bristol Open Data

Where we fit into the open data ecosystem

What’s that you say? Another techie meetup in Bristol? Do we really need one? Well, the answer to that question is – yes! Mostly because we aim to be as non-techie as we will be techie (let’s aim for at least a 50/50 split…), and because we know that there is a desire for a place around which Open Data stuff can gather, from our experience working on the Open Data Institute Bristol Node.

We don’t seek to replace the ODI Node group, indeed we will be hosting the ODI Node status in partnership with High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC. There is a great network in Bristol and we will only ever be a part of that.

The Bristol Open Data group members have a wide range of interests and experience - some are co-organisers of the South West Data Meetup group, another is involved with the new Tech for Good Bristol Meetup. Others are involved with Open Data Camp, and ThingsCamp - the Internet of Things unconference. Our group is a Special Interest Group of High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC. We have a member who works at the council on Open Data, and good representation from Defra via the Environment Agency (known for being very forward thinking when it comes to Open Data in central government). We have members who are involved in the LoRaWAN Bristol meetup, members who work in the very active startup/SME tech scene in Bristol, as well as open data activists, and more.

Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll be soon making a Venn Diagram*. We will work in partnership with other groups, will work hard not to organise events that clash, and will signal boost other things that are happening within the broader ecosystem. As part of the ODI Node work, we are tapped into a global network of groups similar to us, and can use that network as a wider resource as well as take the opportunity to raise the profile of our great city.

*We won’t really be making a Venn Diagram.

Published on March 08, 2017