Bristol Open Data

Welcome to Bristol Open Data

We’re really excited to have our site up and running. Whilst this is a new site, launching the identity and activities of a new group, it is the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes and a lot of conversations about what the purpose and role of the group should be.

But now, we have some exciting plans, and a shiny new website on which to share them. Our group has grown out of the ‘Open Data Institute Bristol Node’ group, and we intend to fit into the already active data and open data scene in and around Bristol, (more on that later). We are good mix of people, with varying skills, experience, and reasons for wanting to help to grow and support the understanding and impact of open data in Bristol.

We will strive to be open and welcoming to those who are new to open data, and are keen to reach the bits of the city that other more technical groups may not. Our group ran a successful ‘Introduction to Open Data’ workshop for the Voluntary and Community Sector in Bristol in 2016 and we are really keen to build on that work, amongst other things.

We are all volunteers, and we always need more volunteers! So, if you are excited about what we are trying to achieve, and would like to get more involved, do get in touch. Don’t know anything at all about Open Data? It doesn’t matter! We need people with all sorts of skills, from publicity, to events, sponsorship, logistics, community engagement… the list goes on. Know loads about open data? We need you too. Somewhere in between? Come join us.

We can be emailed at and will be holding regular socials which will be publicised on our Meetup page.

We hope you like our new website and we look forward to maybe meeting you soon!

Published on March 06, 2017