Bristol Open Data

Notes on our first Bristol Open Data Social

Thanks to everyone that came along to our first Bristol Open Data Social last week.

It was a great turnout, and we (us Bristol Open Data Group organisers) were really happy to see some new faces as well as some welcome familiar ones!

I personally either had – or overheard snippets from - a broad and stimulating range of conversations. From the positives and negatives of Uber and companies like it, to the challenges of working with Open Land Registry data as a relative newbie, to mapping 2nd World War landing sites in France on Open Street Map, to city resilience and what we’d like our city to be like in 2050.

For me that is one of the real benefits of the ‘social’ meetup – conversations can be led by personal interest and the fluid setup [insert your own ‘fluid’ beer-related pun here!] means that informal connections can be made, or introductions can be made to people that may have expertise or knowledge than could help.

We did also come armed with sharpies and giant post its (of course) and encouraged people to note down suggested activities, events or otherwise for the group. The suggestions from this meetup seemed to all be related to opportunities to gain, improve or develop practical data skills.

We’re now planning our next meetup on Wednesday June 28th – go to our Meetup page to RSVP. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in open data regardless of knowledge level and tech-savvy-ness.

As ever we are really greatful to Epimorphics for their generous sponsorship which enables us to use, and to High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC for hosting and supporting the Bristol Open Data Group and our ODI Node status.

Written by Katherine Rooney
Published on May 02, 2017